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  1. Steve Ogburn

    My wife and I really enjoy the show. I downloaded a demo which was just enough to get me hooked. I want to buy the game, but I’m being patient and responsible, however, I keep looking around for it on PC…Does anyone know where I could buy if for PC? It seems to be as elusive as the crab on the show… I found a copy of it for sale on amazon for some rediculous price of S79.00 or something. When I checked today, it was no longer available, with a message that said “We do not know if, or when, this item will be back in stock.”


  2. Laurent Coulon

    Hi there,
    I just wanted to inform you that a small patch is now available on our website for the PC version of Alaskan Storm. It fixes a few graphical issues for the game.



  3. saqqafi

    i downloaded the patch is cool but pls !! can you mak eanother patch with the newst ships like the show?? that would be realy cool and amybe make sumthign to be played online?

  4. Yanda

    Hey there. The game is really awesome… I enjoy it so much.
    Here’s few thing u can fix/add to new patch. I analize the game after few days and describe some notes about it:

    - It is very hard to guess how many time the season will last, so maybe if you will do ONE, not changable season time – it will be better. I loose a lot of money sometimes because of it. The season cannot be too short, cause when player’s riding Northwestern or Cornelia M, he can set 200 pots… and there is no time to do that…

    - The ship almost never uses gasoline. It is standing still in one position. So there’s bug i think.

    - When we’re on the sea at night, the lights doesnt help at all. They just appear, but they’re useless, i cannot see in the night if there is some swimming ice mountain in front of me… The light at the deck at that time is also not done very good.

    - There is a problem very often when the workers are changing positions… confusing, loosing time and patience, not good. Can u make a selective jobs? I mean when someone is throwing hook, let him throw the hook all the time….

    - When u’re swimming on shellfish, sometimes the pot breaks and falls onto deck… the instruction doesnt tell what to do in those situations… so im confused a little is this a bug, or my stupidity… I know that this is happening on the real conditions, but in the game – i dont know how to repair and move on with this.

    Thx very much anyway. Still great game! Take care guys! Keep up with good work.

    PS. Can u add some new ships? Like Time Bandit and Wizard? :D

  5. Justice

    I would just like to say something.

    This game was developed based on a real life series.
    and the pass away of a respected Captain Phill Harris was unfortunate and very sad to take in.

    If you guys produce a new Deadliest Catch, or something, i think you owe it to one of the stars of Deadliest Catch to do something on the Forums and/or have an ingame memories of the Legendary Captain Phill Harris.

    He wanted to build a Legacy, and leave it behind for his sons but never the less. he wanted to be remembered for what he did.

    Crunch the numbers, add something up.

    I have not seen any kind of memorial for him, and as a Community of Fans i know that you guys will find it in your hearts to let him be remembered, even if its just a game.

    May his Legacy and Memories live on.
    Rest in Peace Captain.

    PS – Anonomous and Private Email included.

  6. ayden thogode

    pc or xbox 360??

  7. Alpson

    Give PC demo and PS3 version !

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