5 responses to “Deadliest Catch: Alaskan Storm for the PC!”

  1. luke

    please could you let me know if the pc game is compatible with playing on an english computer windows xp
    many thanks luke

  2. RG

    Please note that I bought the PC version of the game, and I cannot play it,as in the tutorial mission, the screen keep on spinningwithout stopping. Please help.

  3. lester

    hi i have a problem with the graphics in this game,the sea doesnt look right,u can see triangles everywhere, dont mindo run properl the graphics level of the game,but it doesnt seem to run prbigoperly,reflections on the sea create a hectagon shape on the sea awfull

    my system consists of nvidia geforce 9800 gt 1gb
    intel core 2 duo @2.8gh
    memory 3gb
    windows 7

  4. andres

    hay alguna traduccion del juego para ponerlo en espaƱol ??

  5. Denis

    Why don’t you put your game on Steam or Origin, so people can actually buy it. We do live in a digital world. I don’t really want to wait for 2 days delivery, I want to download the game in 5 minutes and play, my generation only has so much attention span. Cheers, Denis.

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