3 responses to “Keep your crew members healthy to maximize your haul!”

  1. liam woolgar

    when will it be coming out in england im so made about this game

  2. ayden thogode

    I realy like this game but how do you get the most crab in the bearing sea???

  3. timebandit

    to get the most crab is to find the right honey hole. the crab survey on ur plotter will tell u as to where the crab may be or have been. do keep in mind that the crabs tend to move around. so dropping on the same spot too many times will deplete the area of crabs. even as if u have 100 keepers of king crabs or 600 to 700 keepers of opilio crabs. does not necessarily mean that you’ll pull another pot full of keepers by dropping on the same spot. numbers can go down over time each time you fish that particular area. sometimes, its necissary to move to a different spot to drop pots in fresh area to keep bringing in the most crabs you can get. however, having the biggest boat or perfect crab ground can be next to nothing if you don’t have a good crew working for you on your boat or if you push your crew past their limits. injury is highly likely if they’re too tired. giving your crew 4-5 hours of sleep in between time you just brought in crabs and finished your sets before going for another round to gather more crabs. also making sure your crew are fed is important as having no meals and working with a empty stomach makes even the best of your crew completely worthless and weak, making injury more likely in terms of lack of sleep for the same reason. when having dropped all your pots in the area you choose to fish for crabs. leaving the pots set for at least 24-31 hour soak time will help to maximize the number of crabs in the pot. letting your pot soak in water for too long, crabs eventually leaves the pots or you’ll have less live keepers and more dead one putting a serious hurt on your crab quota’s for the season. having said all that, keep an eye on your season time from the moment the fish and games announce the start of the season. the more time you’re out at sea, the less time you may have left in the season. eventually fish and games will announce a 24 hour notice that the season will be ending. all the pots you drop must definately be out of the water before your 24 hour are up. otherwise for any crab pot you haul out of the water is considered fishing out of season and will mean a serious fine putting a hurt on your season, meaning less money then what you would originally could’ve had, had you not fish out of season. remember, taking care of your crew is all important but so is taking care of your boat. the longer you go without checking your boat condition and not putting in some money for improvement can make a serious difference in your crew moral as they do not like working on a boat prone to constant break down. keeping your boat in shape will deffinately improve your chance of catching crabs and hauling gears and getting to certain area of interest to drop your pot. never fish in serious artic storms as damaging your boat is more likely and you run the risk of having one of your crew on deck to fall over board. crew members who fall over board will bearly have more than 5 minutes to live as bering sea is extremely cold and they will suffer hyperthermia and die. well, hopefully that answers anyone question’s as to not only how to catch crab but also how to keep your season going well. my last season on the alaskan storm deadliest catch i’ve caught well over 350,000 pounds of opilio crabs but doesnt mean i’ll hit that number again as finding crab can be challenging cause they move around and may not always be in the same spot you last fish there in the previous season. good luck and catch some crabs sailor.

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